About Me

I am a mom of three children; Louisa and Theresa are Freshmen in college and Michael is a Junior in high school. I was a single SAHM for years and wouldn’t have asked for anything more. I started Dutch Girl’s Favorite Things to share my experiences with companies and their products. I love helping people find great products for their families. I enjoy letting my followers know about products, reviews and giveaways.

I will work with your company with success by promoting your product and services through my blog and social media. I will make it my goal to build a relationship with you, the sponsor, and the consumer. I want my reviews to be an education of your products to help the consumer make a wise decision so they are not wasting their money on non-quality items..

When I am not blogging or entering giveaway, I enjoy reading, playing with my cat Junior or watching a great television program. I look forward to hearing from you to do a review and/or host a great giveaway soon.

Rebecca Olsen
Dutch Girl’s Favorite Things

Ten Fun Facts About Me.

1. I am a US Citizen but I was born in the Netherlands.
2. I am an Army Brat
3. I am also a former Missionary Kid (MK)
4. I went to a Christian School just about my whole education
5. I took a sixteen day trip from Florida to Rhode Island touring a lot of our nations history when I was in 8th grade which gave me my first college credit.
6. I would love to be on Survivor or the Amazing Race.
7. I am a huge Danielle Steel, Nicholas Sparks and James Patterson fan. I have all of each of their books in hardback. (2 bookcases full!)
8. I have met several NASCAR drivers including Ryan Newman, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kasey Kahne and a bunch of others drivers.
9. Before I was 9 years old, I flew over the Atlantic Ocean 5 times on a military plane.
10. I would love to cook in Julia Child’s former Provence, France kitchen and tour all of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s homes.